Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Assignment 4 - Analysing Colour, Texture and Proportion

This exercise asks us to choose three images we admire for colour and texture, then try to represent accurately all the colours we can see in small patches of paint or crayon.  From our yarn collection we match as accurately as possible the colours, and if possible try to find yarns that also interpret the texture and surface qualities.  The yarns are then wrapped in proportion on a card strip.

I began by cropping an image of a plasma ball that I took at the Catalyst Museum in Widnes when I was collecting design ideas in Assignment 3. (I now keep an inspiration album that I find is particularly useful when I go on workshops when time is limited and I need to make quick decisions on choosing an image to work from.)  I  used watercolour pencil crayons to recreate the colours I saw as I like how I can layer colour with them, then add water to blend to make new shades.  After writing about Kaffe Fassett in my last Research Point, I found myself often thinking back to how he mixes new shades by combining what he has available.       

A stack of bobbins that I photographed at Masson Mills Textile Museum in Derbyshire was the second image I chose.  When it came to considering yarns for the wrapping, I found it helpful to place the yarns on the image to check that they blended in. 

For the plasma ball, which had a lot of variation in tone, I found that despite my large stash, I couldn't match the colours precisely, or I could get the shade but the surface quality wasn't right. So again inspired by Kaffe Fassett, I tried combining yarns to create new shades and texture.   
For the final image I chose one of my close-up rust shots that I intend to develop and have added the winding to my theme book.

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