Monday, 24 June 2013

Assignment 3: Reflective Commentary

This has been my favourite assignment so far and I'm pleased that I've finished it much quicker than the previous two.  I think this is partly because I found it to be written in a more straightforward way and partly because I enjoyed the freedom of working experimentally.  I liked just trying out techniques with no particular images in mind, then looking at the results to see what ideas it generated.  I've found I've related the results to existing drawings and it's inspired ways to revive what's not gone so well.  In the past I have struggled choosing the right source drawings for projects but the more techniques I try, the more I feel able to decide what is suitable.

I also thoroughly enjoyed the research point exploring the diversity of textiles and became far more engrossed than I'd anticipated.  My visit to the Huddersfield Centre of Textile Excellence was so enlightening and brought home the importance of understanding the structure of textiles.  Learning about the possibilities of anti-counterfeiting and multiple laser surface enhancement technologies that will change the textile industry beyond recognition in the not too distant future was mind blowing.

I'm finding my learning blog invaluable.  I'm organising my thoughts as I write, forming opinions, coming up with ideas and I regularly refer back to older posts for information and inspiration.      

My theme book has caused me some issues.  Sometimes I think I've made the wrong decision in choosing family history because of the lack of things I have in front of me to draw.  However, having read ahead, I can see that the source for my final assignment piece doesn't necessarily have to come from my theme book if there's something else more suitable.  I've also begun to think more laterally on the subject.  For example, there's no reason why I can't look into an ancestors occupation.  I've discovered one was a sail maker, so maybe I could investigate some of the knots used in sail making during Assignment 4 when I look at ropes, plaits and braids? Another was a book binder and ever since the Leeds Book Fair study visit I've become interested in learning more about book binding.  I've made some small sketch books, created book covers and thought about ways to present work in a book format.

Collagraph print block used as a cover for print collection, stitched book cover, hand made sketch books
One of the little books I've made is called a meander.  I was intrigued that out of one page of A4 paper, there appears to be so much surface area. Rather than make a book with blank pages to draw on I decided to make an existing drawing into a book.  I've also secured some funding from OCASA and arranged a series of three book related workshops for OCA students, so later this year we can learn paper making, print onto the paper we make and then bind it into a book.

Acrylic paint marks made into meander book after visit to Scarborough beach


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