Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Project 4 Review - Developing Design Ideas

Did you manage to make space move?
Yes.  Compare the static Pictures 1 and 4 with the energy of 2 and 3.  In 1 and 4 the arrangement of black squares is more 'peaceful'.  Energy is centred because of the symmetry and regular sized gaps between the squares.  Also because the edges are parallel to the large square.  Pictures 2 and 3 have movement. It feels like you want to put back and stack the shapes escaping out of the box like a box of cards that's been dropped.  The eye wants to move around the space in the square.  The same applies with the lines. 

What are your thoughts about the drawings you did in Stage 3?
I was pleased to be able to find more potential in the original garden gate stitched sample that I had reworked in the Stitched Collage Workshop. Now that I was happier with improvement in the texture, I wanted to further explore the dynamic shapes that I had always liked, created by the curved lines crossing straight. Using differently shaped viewing frames, I decided I liked the balance better in the circles and squares and thought that the squares had most potential as I could create so many variations in repeats.   

Were you able to use your drawings successfully as a basis for further work?  Are there any other things you would like to try?
Yes.  I scanned the drawing which was really helpful to experiment with.  I could quickly create repeats and change the scale and colour. I wanted to try prints and was about to do a 'Make a Mark' workshop at West Yorkshire Print.  This would be an opportunity to develop the drawings and work toward a final screen printed sample for this assignment.  My drawings would be my starting point.


Now that you have a good working method, do you feel confident that you can carry on working in this way independently?
Yes, I've found that I can now 'see' shapes and interesting compositions more quickly and easily.  The drawing below of a sliced shell at the Turing exhibition was selected from a series of 1 minute sketches.  Though I'm not always getting it quite right yet, I've been trying to apply the principles I've learnt to practise arranging some of the drawings in my sketchbook in a more interesting way. 


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